Raising Arizona Bilinguals

Making the decision to enroll your child in a dual-language immersion program is a big choice.  It’s also a good one.  As a doctoral student in second language acquisition and teaching I have researched the benefits of learning in two languages and have dedicated my doctoral work and future research to truly understanding the short & long term cognitive, social, academic, and emotional benefits of becoming biliBrain-workoutngual through dual-language models.  I am also a parent.  My daughter is in her second year studying in a dual-language Spanish immersion program and I’ve been extremely pleased with her language and academic progress, along with her increased self-esteem and positive identity formation as a result of becoming bilingual.  I do, however, understand that all decisions regarding our children’s education are important and choosing a dual-language immersion program can be scary at first.  With that in mind, I’ve created this blog to serve as an open space for asking questions about language acquisition, having your concerns heard and hopefully answered, and for contributing to the body of truthful information about raising your children bilingual and participating in dual-language immersion programs.  Feel free to reply to this or any other post with a question and I or another colleague in applied linguistics at the U of A will address it in a future blog post.   If you do not want your question or comment to be seen, click on “about” at the top of the page and fill out a comment form.  I welcome comments to any posts that encourage an open and informative discussion regarding dual-language immersion, bilingualism, and language acquisition.


One thought on “Raising Arizona Bilinguals

  1. Mr.Przymus
    I opened enrolled my daughter in the Spanish immersion and she was accepted. I’m feeling a little anxious about it. I know my daughter will love it but I’m worried if the class size is 29 or 30 students will this be an effective method of learning a new language? Any advice you have would be great. Thank You, Ronda

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